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Why Canada is Best!!

There are many reasons why Canada stay on top when it comes to Immigraiton


Intent: When it comes to accept immigrants, no country can compete with Canada. While every other country is moving towards protectionism and self-centered, Canada is one country which is vocal about accepting immigrants in all forms of media. It also clearly exhibited the intent very clearly by accepting lakhs of individuals in last few years and announced even more immigration targets. So there is no better place to put your money than Canada


Quality of life: Canada is ranked amongst the top 10 best places to live in the world. On an average, Canadian citizens are lot more happy with its government and country than many other advanced economies. Being a welfare state it ensures individuals from all walks of life are provided with equal quality of life and direction.


Employment Opportunities: Canada is currently having its lowest ever index of number of unemployed vs job openings. That means on an average for every unemployed there is a job waiting and this is fabulous. This number is highly skewed in many advanced economies. This means you will not only have a successful immigration but also will be able to settle seamless in the country.


Financial and social security: This is something very unheard of for many people from developing countries. Canada not only ensures your quality of life by leaving more disposable incomes in hand by making education and health free, but only ensures your post retirement period is taken care of by ensuring basic quality of life and luxuries.


Gender Equality: Gender equality is of high importance to Canada. As the country is safe, irrespective of gender individuals will be able to pursue their dreams without worry any gender bias. Also country has many polices and controls in place to ensure equal opportunity is provided and no one is prejudiced due to gender.


Freedom in walks of life: This is one of the best quoted reasons why people immigrate to Canada. Being a multi cultural society, (as people from many countries immigrate to Canada), you are not forced to live in a certain way and can continue your same beliefs and values. This is applicable in communities, work places, social gatherings, schools and everywhere.

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