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Immigration is a strenuous journey as it involves money, anxiety, luck factor, extensive knowledge. All these factors discourage many individuals from pursuing immigration as a potential option for their growth and prospects. There are many challenges aspirants need to go through some of which are listed below.

  • There are many consulting companies which builds a narrative suitable to their business model and may be not best in the interest of aspirant. Their focus is to make individuals depart from money and commit to the process while having little attachment to the end result
  • Misinformation floating around on the internet. Given that the industry is highly unregulated, the explosion of social media experts hasn’t done lot of good to the aspirants. There are many unsubstantiated opinions and advises floating around which greatly confuse the aspirants.
  • The excessive information and opinions act as death knell on decision making. There are hundreds and thousands of individuals who have staggered the decision greatly due to confused state and realized very late in life that immigration has now only become a distant dream as they lost the CRS edge.


Prowess is Established to make immigration make immigration predictable and empower individuals to put their best profile forward. This will not only improve the chances of immigration but also brings in value for money. Below are the key aspects of Prowess Immigration approach.

  • The first notable point in Prowess immigration approach is to put the best profile forward for clients. Immigration is surely a matter of chance but not luck. What we mean is let us say one lodges profile at 5% chance and expect magic that’s a game of luck. But when someone has build the profile to have 85% of immigration chance and depends remaining 15% on luck that’s a game chance. Prowess does the later.
  • We don’t push clients to lodge immigration file at any level and thereafter wait endlessly for a success rather we invest into clients profile and ensure they put the best possible profile forward.
  • We clearly distinguish from Eligibility against selection. Anyone with few parameters in place gains eligibility to submit the profile but such submissions more often will not guarantee success. We make profiles selection eligible and not just file with eligibility
  • The whole customer counselling at Prowess is done only using the official data published by Government of Canada. This way there is no bias information and no sales pitch but only facts acting in the interest of customers.
  • Success yields Success and this is the mantra on which we operate @Prowess. Instead of charging super high from few clients by making fake promises we believe in providing genuine and result oriented services at a very affordable price. While this may not make lot of business sense in short term, we are fully aware that we are just waiting for explosive growth through numerous success stories

Guide customers to pursue all available options for immigration like Express Entry, Provincial nominations across all provinces (include provinces like Ontario and British Columbia), Job based programs, pilot programs. The reason is while each of this program independently offers only 5-15% chance max, by pursuing all eligible options (which is recommended by Govt of Canada), one can significantly increase their success possibility.


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