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Integrated Assurance Program

Prowess provides customers with multiple options to pursue their immigration journey. Every individual is different in terms of their needs, level of understanding and risk-taking ability. We understand these facts very well and hence work with clients to find best possible solution for their profile. Having said that the Integrated Assurance Program is one of the largest selling programs at Prowess as it has following salient points.

  • Significantly reduce the risk to customers as it binds both the parties together (Client and Prowess). It’s a win-win proposition and makes us have equal skin in the game. This is quite in contrast to many options in the market where consultants makes money irrespective of the results achieved by clients
  • The program involves multiple phases right from securing IELTS 8777 Score for candidate (primary applicant) till post landing services. Below is the detailed service catalogue

  • Prowess view IELTS as a Profile strengthening tool and not just a score card. In order to do that, we assure 8777 with a money back option for all eligible candidates
  • There are many hearsay IELTS coaching institutes who assures specific bands in scores. One has to understand Canada CRS doesn’t care about band but only 8777. If someone achieves 7.5 band in IELTS it hardly matters for getting highest CRS. For highest CRS its only 8777 and above. No module can go by even 0.5 below from 8777
  • While IELTS and ECA are meagre steps for PR processing with any consultant, at Prowess these are your score balancers. At every stage Prowess will work to increase your CRS by choosing right body for ECA (who can award more points for your education) and use IELTS to compensate for score loss due to age or any other reason. For instance, while aiming for 8777 candidate can push for 0.5 more in couple of modules and add up to 6 more points.
  • Prowess assurances are not just verbal commitments by a salesperson but a legal contract which records the CRS Prowess assures you and money back option mentioned in the contract
  • Prowess controls the real estate, sales and marketing costs and pass the benefit to customer by offering integrated services at a very affordable price. This way Prowess achieves maximum results and journey is very cost effective for clients.


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