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Immigration Pathways

Canada is such a friendly country for Immigration that it has not only introduced many programs for individuals to pursue but also encourage individuals to purse more than one. This is quite contradictory to many countries who create the optics of inviting immigrants but create too many hurdles on the way and induce lot of restrictions at every level. Let us see some of the famous immigration pathways

Express Entry is a program introduced by Canada to fast track the overall process of intaking immigrants. The program has a well defined layout and certainly focused on attracting best possible individuals who can contribute to Canadian Economy. The program doesn’t demand on some random lottery by well thought to filter out individuals with lot of potential to be part of Canadian economy. Another astounding feature of Express Entry is that it is a targeted program where individuals can influence their chances by working on few parameters which is unique compared to many other immigration programs. Below are some of the salient features of Express Entry program.

  • Express Entry is a direct Federal Government program of Canada and hence gives all market exposure (as opposed to PNP which will restrict individual to a particular province) thereby significantly increasing job prospects and making immigration successful
  • Express Entry is a CRS based draw system where the Govt of Canada conducts a fortnightly draw and announces a cut off score. All individuals with valid Express Entry Profile and CRS above the desire level will be eligible for PR
  • Age is a crucial factor for Express Entry Route. It is such an important factor that after an age of 29, every year CRS calculate deducts 5 points from the eligible score.
  • Express Entry Gives weightage to Education, Experience and command on English language along with age which makes the opportunity more comprehensive.
  • With Express Entry there is not Lottery but only a Draw. So all the individuals who are willing to put efforts towards increasing their CRS score can do so and take advantage of the draw.


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