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Canada Immigration:

Today we are living in wonderful times when it comes to Immigration. There has been no better time than now when it comes to Immigration to Canada. Why are we making such bold statement? Let us look at few points that supports our argument.

  • Canada has embarked onto one of their largest immigration programs in the last 100 years. The intent is clearly conveyed through many astronomical targets announced by Canada (these kinds of targets are rare for any modern economy) and the additional years are being added to the immigration
  • Shortage of labour force is at the highest in Canada in longest period. The shortage is so high that number of unemployed per job is very low which means there are very few people available to grab every job opening. Doesn’t it make the best time to immigrate

  • Another significant reason that you need to consider immigration to Canada now is friendly immigration policies. Want to know more? Just imagine how difficult US makes it to people to immigrate by frequently making them dependent on employers and having employers back them else leave people with no status. Whereas Canada does things completely opposite. It has set up so many friendly policies that it has provided multiple options to people to purse and thereby increase visibility of the profile.
  • There are many programs like Express Entry, PNP, Job based pilot Programs, investor visa, higher education as student for individuals to purse and interestingly many candidates can purse more than one program and significantly push up their immigration chances.
  • Canadian market with its vicinity to US market, attracts lots of great companies and talent. Many of the large US companies has offices in Canada and makes a great career exposure platform. Also given the agreement between the 2 countries, it makes the case easy for candidates who are willing to pursue US at a later point of time

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