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8777 Magic of Prowess

A Score 8777 can do wonders to your PR chances to Canada. It will significantly move the profile from a laggard to the one with high potential of PR. Prowess recognized this very early (when much of the market only was promoting PNP as potential option for clients) and made very early investments into building a state-of-the-art approach to secure 8777. We understand IELTS is not just a score card but a great tool which empowers the aspirants with power to push their profile forward. Hence at Prowess 8777 is not a choice but a mandate.

How did we master IELTS 8777 at Prowess?

This hasn’t been a very easy journey for us to achieve this feat. We did all the below to master the art of 8777.

  • Conducted many hundreds of hours in understanding what made IELTS a touch exam?
  • Many people get stuck in Writing. We have conducted much research on what makes writing so difficult
  • Had gone through hundreds of blogs and analysis by ex-examiners and Our trainers have taken dedicated training from IELTS ex-examiners.
  • We have made efforts to thoroughly understand the assessors’ expectations on IELTS.


What did we incorporate different in our 8777 program?

  • Our 8777 is dependent on Bloom’s Taxonomy Approach which categorizes the knowledge into various levels with each level dependent on other
  • We have incorporated CELTA learning methods at each level that makes language learning fun and gap closures an eventful activity
  • A roadmap approach for each student that is aligned towards student’s current level and learning strengths
  • Develop an assessors’ mind in every student so that they become self-sufficient to ensure they are producing 8777 grade output
  • A dedicated language course which just will not focus on grammar but on teaching various beautiful language elements and their usage contextually
  • Very innovative approach on how to demonstrate vocabulary advantage without having to download and rot learn 1000s of words
  • Plethora of group activities which helps students result independent of Reader. Anyone who reads the student’s output have to interpret in the same way.
  • A parameter driven feedback approach which will help students minimize their learning times and better utilize the time. Its not a wise thing to keep spending time on things that you already know very well.
  • A system carefully designed to rate you for 8777 so that you don’t need to make multiple attempts and get it right the first time

While many students enter with the mindset “Can I get 8777 really”, our approach and techniques makes the students’ mind change to “How can I not get 8777” and this is the truth. You experience it yourself

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