Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

First Understand, then proceed-
Only a select group of professionals are qualified to provide chargeable immigration and citizenship services in Canada. Unauthorized representatives are not competent and are committing an offense if they charge you for their immigration or citizenship services. Certified immigration consultants, by contrast, are part of a select group. Rigorously trained before certiļ¬cation to ensure they possess the necessary level of expertise; certified immigration consultants are also regulated by a strict professional code of ethics and regulations that safeguard the ethical and cutting-edge quality of their services as authorized representatives. 

The Need-
As immigration aspirants, you must know the process before you invest, any time and money. These Agents are the specific group of people who are not only eligible, they provide information, design your immigration pathway in such a way, where you will be safe, and application will be successful in every aspect.

The Fact-
Agents havea track record of a 100% success rate. They are masters of Immigration, in short. RCIC Agents arrange documents in such an error-free manner that a visa can be guaranteed.

COST & Process-
charges are not fixed, it depends on the case to case, however, if you are interested and determined for successful immigration, then definitely charges won’t burn your pockets. RCIC’sprocess completely depends on its policy. They have a thorough guidance and process index for making and submitting any file.

Final Call-
Agents are guided and regulated by ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council). They are liable for a transparent immigration process, error-free documentation, familiar with the immigration changes, and certainly updated with all immigration rules.

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